State Bank of India Jeddah

  1. SBIJ will ensure that it acts professionally, honestly and fairly in all dealings with its customers
  2. SBIJ will develop CUSTOMER protection as an integral part of their corporate culture
  3. SBIJ and its employees with act with due skill, care and diligence in a way that does not damage the best interests of its customers
  4. SBIJ will ensure that any advice given to customers adequately meets their needs and does not mislead a CUSTOMER as to the real or perceived advantages or disadvantages of any product or service
  5. SBIJ will avoid any conflict of interest in the provision of any advice or service that could result in an unfair benefit and/or an opportunistic incentive payment for any of its employees
  6. SBIJ will ensures that fees, charges and pricing are fair, authorized, proportionate and communicated in a timely and effective manner
  7. SBIJ will provide clear, sufficient, reliable and timely information about service and products which will help the customer to be aware of and avoid any frauds or unauthorized access to the customer’s financial or personal details
  8. SBIJ will protect customer information using appropriate control and protection mechanisms, including the sharing of customer information with third parties
  9. SBIJ will seek from its CUSTOMERs only the information or document(s) that are required to avail of the product or service requested
  10. SBIJ does not include in their advertising any false, defamatory or negative statements
  11. SBIJ will ensure that CUSTOMERs have free access through all channels to adequate complaint handling and restitution mechanism
  12. SBIJ will deal with complaint investigations in a full and comprehensive manner and make a decision on the outcome of the complaint based on analysis of all of the information available regarding the complaint
  13. SBIJ Will seek to resolve any complaint from a customer and act in a way that does not discriminate against the customer who raised the complaint , now or in any future dealings and will speedily provide the necessary information to the complaining customer to enable them to escalate their complaint to a higher authority, if required
  14. SBIJ will answer enquiries and corrects errors speedily, efficiently and fairly
  15. SBIJ will Immediately refund all instances of incorrect, inappropriate or disproportionate charging when identified internally without waiting for individual CUSTOMERs to complain or bring these instances to their attention

  • CUSTOMER will always give full and accurate information when he fills in any bank documents. He should not give false details or leave out important information.
  • CUSTOMER will receive full information regarding State Bank of India- Jeddah (SBIJ) product/service that he use or wish to buy/avail. He should fully read this information and never buy a service or product that he does not understand.
  • It is important to ask questions about anything that is unclear or that CUSTOMER is unsure about. State Bank of India-Jeddah (SBIJ) has employees who will answer any questions in a professional manner.
  • State Bank of India- Jeddah (SBIJ) will provide the CUSTOMER with details on how to complain and the timeframe for their response. CUSTOMER will be proactive in using this service and know how to escalate his issue to higher levels, if appropriate.
  • CUSTOMER will receive full details on his obligations when using a service or product. He should be familiar with these obligations as he is expected to fully conform to these, unless he has an express agreement with the financial services provider to do otherwise.
  • Some financial services or products carry risks and State Bank of India- Jeddah (SBIJ) should clearly explain these to CUSTOMER. He should not purchase a service or product where he feels that the risks are unacceptable for his circumstances.
  • When CUSTOMER applies for a financial product or service, his purchasing decision should be based on a financial need that this product or service will fulfill.
  • If CUSTOMER has found out any unauthorized transaction(s) in his account, he should report this to State Bank of India- Jeddah (SBIJ) immediately.
  • Under no circumstances should CUSTOMER provides any bank account details or other sensitive personal or financial information to any third party


  • SBIJ never sends SMS asking its customers to disclose any confidential information such as account numbers or log in passwords
  • SBIJ will never contact you for any information update over phone. You can update your information by visiting the branch only.
  • Dealing with SBIJ employees is only through the Bank Branch.
  • You must immediately report any suspicious transaction in your account of any individual/entity who claim their ability to facilitate or provide banking services through SBIJ